Triangle in Circle (AA Symbol)

Triangle in Circle (AA Symbol)
The triangle represent the union of body, mind, and spirit, the circle stands for the Divine. In ceremonial magick the spirit summoned by the magician is contained within this symbol so that it cannot escape Thus this symbol is one of protection and power that long preceded it's use by Alcoholic's Anonymous. For AA it stands for the integration of personality.
  • Extra Small: $40 Code:133
    • 15mmX15mm or 0.8" diameter
  • Small: $40 Code:134
    • 20mmX20mm 0.8" diameter
  • Medium: $50 Code:135
    • 27mmX27mm or 1.1" diameter
  • Large: $70 Code:795
    • 36mmX36mm or 1.4" diameter
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